by | Apr 12, 2024

VX3 apparel have shown their support for women’s rugby league by producing specifically tailored match day shorts for our women’s team.

Across sport, conversations have been raised about women’s sport kit not being designed with female athletes in mind, and changes are now being put in place to combat the issue.

The club’s official kit partner has already supplied black playing shorts, away from the usual white, but this change is another major step in accommodating women’s needs – allowing them to solely focus their efforts on the pitch.

Crafted to allow more comfort, VX3 have supplied a full set of these shorts for both home and away strips.

Marcelle Lock, women’s team manager at Salford Red Devils, has said:

“It’s no secret that women’s anatomy is fundamentally different to men, yet for years and years, working in professional sport, myself and many other women have been forced to wear men’s clothing – much of it ill-fitting and not fit for purpose. Even items such as jackets in men’s sizing end up being far too long on the arm and too tight around the hips. It’s uncomfortable and it can look awkward.

“Working as a female in RL for over 10 years, I have been in a minority, and there has been little demand for women’s sized ‘team wear. Where there is no demand, there is no supply; and kit manufacturers, understandably, do not want to take the risk on producing a range that might not sell. With the introduction of a women’s team for Salford Red Devils in 2022, this lack of fitted clothing became more apparent.

“Luckily, in VX3, we have a kit partner who understand that comfortable sportswear can significantly improve performance and it’s not just the practicality of the wear – when something fits well, you feel more confident. Since 2022, VX3 have supplied match jerseys, hoodies, t-shirts and jackets in women’s sizing.

“Last year, like many sports teams, we dropped our signature Salford white shorts due to the concerns the girls had over wearing white whilst on their periods. However, match day shorts were still a concern as they were men’s cut; which by design, created a bulk of uncomfortable material in-between the legs, was quite often too tight around the thigh – restricting leg movement – and had to be sized up to fit around the hips.

“For this season, VX3 have been working on a women’s cut playing shorts. They have worked tirelessly on coming up with the right shape and I am delighted to have received these new cut shorts at the end of March.

“This is all part of the pathway of women’s rugby. These aren’t girls playing a mens game, nor should they conform to that, these are girls playing rugby league and they deserve to have their own identity as female rugby league players.

“They are all small steps, but important ones in the growth of our game.”

Jon Ellery, from VX3, has added:

“With the growth of women’s sport, both at grass roots and at a professional level, we at VX3 wanted to ensure we were able to provide kit that was functional, fitted correctly and looks good for our female players. 

“Rugby shorts in particular have been really difficult to get right. With the female physique varying so much from one player to the next – and even between women of the same size – we wanted something that was comfortable, flattering and built to withstand the demands of rugby league.

“We went through many rounds of sampling to get a finished product, involving universities and local women’s teams so we got a good cross section of players to provide us feedback.

“Our female range is extensive and ever-growing – and this is something we are very proud of.”

After a tough start, where Mike Grady’s new-look Red Devils have faced multiple Women’s Super League sides in the Challenge Cup, they are ready to attack the regular Championship campaign.

Their next task is the visit of Bradford Bulls on Sunday afternoon, with kick-off scheduled for 2pm on the Salford Stadium Community Field.

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