Salford Red Devils are committed to providing an enjoyable and comfortable experience for all fans by valuing diversity, promoting inclusion regardless of age, ability, impairment, ethnicity, race, faith, sexual orientation or any other equality characteristic.

Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated from anyone including spectators and staff.

We work with The Salford Stadium and Level playing field and to ensure we meet all needs of any person with an impairment or disability.

Specific access details can be found here via Accessible for familisation ahead of your trip to the stadium.


Our ticket pricing structure has been decided to enable any person who may need a carer, personal assistant or supporting guardian, a combined 2 person ticket  price. Anyone wishing to apply for these tickets will need to apply to the ticket office and can qualify by having a disability, condition or impairment that affects “normal day to day activities” Please email tickeoffice@ajbellstadium.co.uk with any questions.


There at up to 80 Wheelchairs bays around The Salford Stadium. Each space for a wheelchair has an assistant seat next to it.

  • West Stand Pitch side – 13
  • West Stand Upper Hospitality & 1873 Lounge -27
  • South Stand – 10
  • North Stand – 10
  • East Stand – 20

Fan with temporary mobility restrictions, walking difficulties or physical restricting conditions can call the stadium to discuss suitable seating options.

For Visually Impaired Fans

Low level seating nearer to the field of play can be booked specifically for fans who are visually impaired. Guide Dogs are also permitted in the stadium but we ask that you inform us ahead of the fixture to allow us to plan safe access and consider welfare of the guide dog during the match.

Learning Disabilities & Hidden Conditions

If you have any concerns over attending games due to a medical condition please call the stadium ahead of the fixture to discuss the best option for viewing the game. The stadium is “Autism Friendly” and there is a quiet room situated on the WEST SOUTH concourse which has bean bags, chairs, books, blankets and a CD player which is open to anyone who may need to escape the atmosphere of the match for a duration. A number of stewards have been trained in Autism Awareness and we ask if you have any questions or concerns during a match that you ask the nearest steward for support.

For travelling to the stadium please see here

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