Lottery | Relaunch will see members moved to Gold Line draw

The club are delighted to announce a major relaunch of the weekly draw that with effect from the 1st June 2018 all members will be moved into the new Gold Line draw. We firmly believe that this is a massive Win – Win for both the club but most importantly the supporters of the draw.
INCREASED Prize pot: From the current £1,375 plus £10 consolations and rollover we will now have a massive £2,500 plus still having £10 consolations for those that match the winning number but with different prefix letters GUARANTEED to be won every single week. With 5 lucky winners winning a cool £500 EVERY WEEK PLUS the rollover of £250 up to £5,000 in the Gold Line Extra draw. In the event of no winner at £5,000 it is drawn until won!
Also, every member will be issued with new Lucky numbers and will now receive TEN numbers for each pound they pay into the draw from the current seven. (This will happen automatically and no action will be required from the member).
For the club – as part of the link up with Gold Line we are thrilled to now have the opportunity to collaborate with Bolton Wanderers in cross promotions of sports in the community. With not only an outstanding guaranteed 80% of all sales revenue coming back to the club (the other 20% being paid from each £1 to the prize fund) the lottery will also receive a substantial financial package towards the growth of the membership with the club receiving payment for every new member that joins the draw.  This is expected to bring a significant increase in revenue compared to our current Lucky Devils lotto.
Over the last 6 months a thorough review has been held of the current syndicated draw which also includes many other sporting and charitable societies. The management board reviewed the 3 best offers as well as the current Lucky Devils lotto and after much consideration and due diligence have made the decision to relaunch the draw.
As part of the relaunch we are also working hard to promote and support local businesses. By being involved with the lottery we will be providing opportunities for advertising, corporate hospitality and business networking events.
To join our weekly lottery please complete the direct debit form available from both main reception at the The Salford Stadium or from the clubs offices or online via our official club website by clicking here.
We are excited to announce that we are now looking to expand the ways of joining the draw online via both Direct Debit and card payments and this information will be made available as soon as possible.
SPECIAL OFFER – All those who join in June via Direct Debit will be given a signed ball after they have made 3 monthly payments PLUS be entered into a draw to win a SIGNED HOME SHIRT.
You can view our Gold Line leaflet here.

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