Tim Sheens | “They sensed blood in the water”

Following their defeat at the hands of 36-12 Salford, Hull Kingston Rovers – and former Red Devil – boss Tim Sheens didn’t think his side ‘did much right’.
Sheens said: “I think all the boys started well but there was a period of time in the first half where we had no ball, the penalty count was heavy against us and struggling to make ground.
“Then [we] started to shoot ourselves in the foot with some poor options but at half-time I thought we regrouped and then to give up a try through the first set was very very disappointing.
“Credit to them [Salford] once they sensed blood in the water they took it to us with a couple of bumps and bruises on us which didn’t help but at the end of the day they were too strong for us on the night.
“Our field position – we started most of our sets in the second half ten metres off our try-line and finished 11-7 penalty count.
“Possession was against us, kicked poorly, what attacking sets we did get we threw it away I don’t think we did much right but start 6-0 in front.
“We didn’t really have enough ball in decent position – no – simple as that.”

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