2019 Season Tickets | Don’t lose your seat

We know how much your seat means to you, so don’t lose it…
We’re now heading into the last few hours of the seat renewal window ahead of the 2019 season! You can retain your seat for the upcoming Betfred Super League season if you renew your Season Ticket before midnight tonight (24th October 2018).
The The Salford Stadium Ticket Office is open until 9:30pm this evening for any supporters wanting to come and renew their Season Ticket. You can also call the The Salford Stadium on 0161 786 1570 or click simply HERE. 
If you have any last minute seat renewal questions regarding 2019 Season Tickets, click HERE. Or, E-Mail enquiries@salfordreddevils.net.

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2019 Season Ticket prices can be seen below:

You can still retain your 2017 seat

While the ‘early bird’ window closed last night 2017 Season Ticket holders can still renew their seat up until Monday 6th November at 5pm.
We are pleased to offer 2017 Season Ticket holders an extra two days in which to retain their seat for the 2018 season. Seat renewal can be done over the phone or at the Club Ticket Office.
Fans are reminded that if they do not renew their seat before Monday 6th November at 5pm it will go on general sale for the 2018 Super League season. Supporters who haven’t renewed their seat yet will now have to pay our revised Season Ticket prices which can be found here.
If you are wanting to renew your seat phone on 0161 786 1570 or visit the Club Ticket Office which is open over the weekend from 9am-4:30pm. 

Just one day until the ‘early bird’ window closes

There is now just one day to secure your 2018 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket before the ‘early bird’ window closes.
Season Ticket sales are continuing to rise and it’s clear to see following our most successful season in recent memory.
Our first Challenge Cup semi-final for twenty years, our highest ever regular season Super League finish and our first ever Super League play-off/Super 8s victory.
Despite the success of last season, we have completely frozen our 2018 Season Ticket prices offering unbelievable value for money.
Here is a reminder of what’s on offer:
Direct Debit payments
If you don’t want to pay for your 2018 Season Ticket in one lump sum you can purchase it over nine manageable monthly payments. Adult tickets can be purchased from as little as just £25.44 a month while Junior (11-16) tickets are as cheap as £7.67 a month.
Under 11’s FREE
All Junior Devils can get a 2018 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket for FREE. Under 11’s can watch 11 home Super League games plus at least 3 eights fixtures for absolutely nothing this season.
In addition, our games will now kick-off at 7:30pm on a Friday evening allowing for children and their families to get home from games a lot earlier.
Family Ticket  
If your children don’t fall into the Under 11 category you can still get them in for FREE under our inclusive Family Ticket offer. Purchase two Adult Season Tickets and bring two juniors between 11 and 16 for FREE all season.
With Friday evenings now being family night at the The Salford Stadium get the next generation of Red Devils hooked on Salford rugby.
50% off Magic Weekend Ticket
Securing your 2018 Season Ticket will reduce the price of your Magic Weekend ticket by half. Not only will you get 11 home Super League games and at least 3 eights fixtures but you can watch the Red Devils do battle with Catalans Dragons at St James Park, Newcastle for HALF-PRICE.
Seat renewal 
If you want to renew the same seat as you had for the 2017 season, or may have even had for years, you’ll need to purchase inside the ‘early bird’ window.
Once the ‘early bird’ window closes your seat will go on general sale. If you want to retain your seat purchase before Friday 3rd November and enjoy another fantastic season with the Red Devils.
Prices will rise
Following the end of the ‘early bird’ period prices for 2018 Season Tickets are set to rise. To get your Season Ticket at the cheapest rate and avoid forking out more money purchase before Friday 3rd November.
Matchday prices will rise
If you’re thinking it will be cheaper to buy match-by-match based on last season’s matchday prices you’ll be better off purchasing a 2018 Season Ticket as matchday prices this season will be increasing.
The rise in matchday prices mean it will be financially beneficial to purchase a 2018 Season Ticket rather than picking your matches.
Full Season Ticket prices HERE.
Full Direct Debit breakdown per Season Ticket HERE.
Call on 0161 786 1570
Club Ticket Office: 9am-9:30pm (Weekdays).
Buy online HERE.
Please Remember that the Direct Debit payment option is only available over the phone or at the Club Ticket Office and not online.

Make sure you renew your seat for the 2018 season

Remember any supporters wishing to retain their seat from the 2017 season will need to purchase their 2018 Season Ticket before Friday 3rd November.  
The deadline for the ‘early bird’ window runs out at 4:30pm on Friday 3rd November and this will be the last opportunity for fans to retain their seat.
Once the ‘early bird’ window passes all seats will go on general sale and could be purchased by another fan. If you wish to maintain your seat you’ll need to purchase over the phone or at the Club Ticket Office.
If you purchase before Friday 3rd November you can also pay for your 2018 Season Ticket via Direct Debit. You can arrange to pay for your 2018 Season Ticket in nine easy manageable payments by phoning 0161 786 1570 or visiting the Club Ticket Office.
2018 Season Tickets can also be purchased online but without the option of Direct Debit payments or to retain your seat.

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