Salford Red Devils are delighted to launch a series of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and (non- speculative) Fan Tokens, in partnership with Blocksport.

NFTs are unique digital assets – based on blockchain technology – that can be presented as videos, pictures or memorabilia – and are backed by a special utility. Each NFT is part of a private collection and will be accompanied by a proof of ownership upon purchase.

Fan tokens are a blockchain-based form of club membership. By holding a number of fan tokens, you can enjoy money can’t buy benefits from the club. The more tokens you acquire, the higher your benefits and influence, and each fan token has a stable price of one pound sterling.

Upon announcement of the launch, Managing Director of Salford Red Devils, Paul King said: “As we head towards 2023, in partnership with Blocksport, we are launching NFTs and Fan Tokens to enhance engagement opportunities whilst simultaneously enhancing our global approach to increased income streams.

“This forms part of our continued drive for financial sustainability which, in turn, will underpin planned improvements both on and off the field.”

Samir Ceric, Chief Operating Officer of Blocksport, added: “It’s always great news when major sporting properties such as Salford Red Devils that celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2023 – as one of the oldest rugby club’s in the world – embrace innovation and blockchain technology for the rights reasons, to deepen their fan engagement and create new revenue streams.

“Blockchain is often confused with the crypto world as the sports industry needs more education in the digital space and that’s where Blocksport comes in; always ready (and happy) to educate, facilitate and enable all its long term partners on this important connection between clubs and their biggest asset base – their fans.

“Gen Z and Gen Alpha engage and consume sport content, including matches at stadiums, in a very different way today to the Millennials and older generations. Those two target groups, which are today’s 22% of the population, are tomorrow’s 100%.

“Having just given a talk at the University of Warwick in Coventry, I had a privilege to address that age group and I am convinced that the likes of Salford Red Devils and its senior management – led by Paul King – are making the brave decisions and the forward thinking steps in the right direction which will serve their club and its fans well for the years and decades to come.

“I very much look forward to this long-term partnership in all its forms.”

You can get involved by purchasing a unique NFT or Fan Tokes by clicking HERE.

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