Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust to sponsor Josh Wood and Daniel Murray

The Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust will sponsor Josh Wood and Daniel Murray for the 2018 season after a successful crowd funding campaign.

Dave Campbell, Chairman of the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust, said: “We’re just trying to support the Club in as many ways as we possibly can while the new structure are finding their feet.
“It’s really good that we can support a player like Josh who has come through the ranks here at Salford and this is now potentially his breakthrough season.
“Then Daniel Murray has been a real fan favourite and come through the Warrington system and again it could be a big year for him as well so for us to club together and sponsor two players is great.”
Salford Red Devils CEO, Ian Blease, said: “When I met some of the starter members of the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust around a year ago this was the long-term vision we had.
“It’s great to for the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust to support the Club so closely and sponsor two of the younger members of the squad is brilliant.
“We hope this is the start of a fruitful and progressive relationship between ourselves and the Supporters’ Trust which will help drive Salford Red Devils forward in our new era.”
Campbell added: “On the crowd fund we raised over £3000 which we’re putting straight back into the Club via player sponsorship.
“The Devil Talk forum will also sponsor the interchange boards as they helped us and shared a thread on their forum promoting our fundraising campaign.
“This has been an opportunity for fans to be a player sponsor because not all fans have a thousands in their back pocket.
“Everyone who has contributed has now gone into a draw to pick up some of the benefits such as the players shirt and players appearances.
“We’ve had people donating £10, people donating £100 and one person who used to be involved with the Club donating over £1000.
“Over 60 fans have donated in total who have donated and we’re going to keep it running for a few weeks and we’ll buy a few more perks to add to the draw.”
For more information visit or visit @SalfordRLFCST on Twitter.

Fantastic sponsorship opportunities available with the Red Devils

As the 2018 Betfred Super League season closes in there are opportunities to sponsor Salford Red Devils games throughout the year and experience the wonderful perks that come alongside match sponsorship.
As well as the recognition of being a Salford Red Devils matchday sponsor you will receive a VIP table of 10 with a sumptuous three-course meal in our magnificent platinum suite. Any matchday sponsor will also take away Salford Red Devils merchandise and a signed playing ball.
Matchday sponsorship is also the perfect way to advertise your business with your company featuring in the matchday programme, an article announcing your sponsorship online and a range of social media gameday graphics bearing your company’s logo for over 30,000 followers to see.
You will also get direct access to the matchday experience with you being given the opportunity to pick the matchday mascots and go down to the tunnel and changing room area prior to the game. The Man of the Match presentation will also take place post-game in the platinum suite.
There are also still opportunities to work with the Red Devils elsewhere in terms of sponsorship with a handful of players still being available for sponsorship.
There are still some tasty players up for grabs so act quickly and sponsor one today. You can then use your player for promotional purposes in and around their Rugby schedule for example Tyrone McCarthy visited Arlec Property Services before New Year. You will also receive a signed playing jersey from your player.
Player sponsorship also gives you the ideal outlet to promote your business via one of the Red Devils marquee players with your company featuring in the matchday programme alongside your player, announcements over the speaker system at games as well as your business being promoted on every online and social media piece surrounding your player.
If you’re interested in any of the above contact or phone 0161 786 1590.

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