Community | Capricorn Security start legends initiative on Willows Wall

Capricorn Security have confirmed that they will be donating £25 for a brick each week on the Salford Red Devils Foundation ‘Willows Wall’ with a name of a given legend printed on. 
We will be giving supporters a selection of ten players to choose from each week in given positions for example the first week will give fans the choice to vote from Salford’s best ten fullbacks.
One vote will be launched each week with the winners being announced the following week prior to the next upcoming vote. Players who are still currently playing are ineligible.
You’ll be able to vote via the Club Website and over all Salford Red Devils social media channels.
If you’d like to get your names alongside a host of Salford Red Devils legends contact and get your name on the ‘Willows Wall’ for £25. 
All of your money will be donated directly to the Salford Red Devils Foundation.

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