Willows Wall | Keith Fielding goes in at right winger

We are delighted to announce that Keith Fielding is the second name on the ‘Willows Wall Heritage Team as part of an initiative between Capricorn Security and the Salford Red Devils Foundation.
Fielding won the second vote for the position of right winger ahead of the likes of Tex Evans, Fata Sini and Bill Burgess.
The former England and Great Britain international featured for Salford between 1973-1983 and was a part of the Red Devils’ Championship winning sides in both 1974 and 1976.
Fielding had a phenomenal try-scoring record for Salford crossing for 253 tries in 319 appearances. He also kicked an impressive 133 goals totalling up at 1025 points for Salford.
The winger represented England in both Rugby League and Rugby Union prior to his move of codes in 1973. Fielding featured for Great Britain in the 1977 Rugby League World Cup and also equalled the record England National Team’s record for tries by an individual in a match when he scored four against France in Bordeaux in October of 1975. 
Away from the field, Fielding gained national notoriety for his appearances on all-around sports televised competition – Superstars. Fielding won the ‘Challenge of the Champions’ and the ‘British Final’ in 1981.
The full results were as follows: 

  1. Keith Fielding – 56.03%
  2. Tex Evans – 15.09%
  3. Fata Sini – 12.93%
  4. Bill Burgess – 6.03%
  5. John Wiltshire – 5.60%
  6. Barney Hudson – 3.02%
  7. Joel Caine – 0.65%
  8. Ken Jones – 0.43%
  9. Michael Hancock – 0.22%
  10. Tom Danby – 0.00%

If you’d like to get your names alongside a host of Salford Red Devils legends contact John.Blackburn@Salfordreddevils.net and get your name on the ‘Willows Wall’ for £25. 

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