A new, flexible way to enjoy your Salford Red Devils.

With almost half of our home games already played this season, the Flexi 5 offers supporters an opportunity to see out the 2024 season their way, and get behind the lads whilst saving some money too.

The Flexi 5 consists of five tickets for five games that you select, and are available in the East, South and West Stands as well as the 1873 Lounge for Adults, Senior (65+), Under 18s and Under 12s.

How does it work for you?

  • You can buy your Flexi 5 ticket in any home area of the Salford Community Stadium by clicking here
  • Once purchased, you will then have 5 games for which to redeem your ticket. It can only be redeemed once per game, within the chosen area and price category.
  • When a game goes on sale, you will be able to redeem that game against your quota if you choose to. 
  • To redeem a game, the supporter must be logged into the account they used to purchase their Flexi 5 ticket. They can then select their desired fixture and seat. 

Flexi 5 tickets offer a savings between 13-40% for a five-game bundle compared to purchasing tickets on a match-by-match basis, whilst still ensuring that Season Tickets continue to provide the best value. 

Flexi 5 FAQs

  • Supporters can buy as many match tickets as they want, however the purchase of the Flexi 5 ticket is limited to one per account. This restriction ensures that our Season Tickets continue to provide the best value.
  • The Flexi 5 ticket is for five tickets for five games of your choice, restricted to one ticket per game. 
  • Your Flexi 5 ticket is only tied to a specific area, not a seat. When you redeem your ticket to the game of your choosing, you will be able to choose the best available seats in that area. 
  • Your Flexi 5 ticket can be used at any regular season home match and does not include play-offs.
  • The tickets must all be redeemed before the conclusion of the 2024 season. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Each account is limited to one Flexi 5 ticket per season. 
  • Multiple Flexi 5 tickets can be bought in one transaction, as long as each of them is assigned to a different account. 
  • If you would like to buy a Flexi 5 ticket for someone else, please make sure you have their account details to be able to assign the ticket to their account. If the person does not have an account, they must create one first. 
  • Multiple tickets cannot be redeemed for the same fixture under the Flexi ticket quota, they must be redeemed for separate fixtures. 
  • Once a Flexi 5 ticket has been purchased in a particular area, the tickets cannot be upgraded or moved to a different one. 
  • Flexi 5 tickets are not refundable. 
  • It is up to the supporter to book their match tickets after purchasing the Flexi 5 ticket. 
  • No refunds will be given at the end of the season if the full quota has not been used. 
  • Flexi 5 tickets can only be redeemed against regular season games. 
  • The quota of tickets must be redeemed within the season that the Flexi 5 ticket was purchased. 

For assistance with your Flexi 5 ticket, please contact the ticket office on ticketoffice@ajbellstadium.co.uk or 0161 786 1570.

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