2019 Season Tickets | FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding 2019 Season Tickets:
How many games will Salford Red Devils play at home in 2019?
When will the ‘early bird’ window close?
The ‘early bird’ window will close on 31st October so make sure you purchase beforehand to get the cheapest price for your 2019 Season Ticket.
Will the ‘early bird’ window be extended? 
Quite simply, no. The ‘early bird’ window offers fans the cheapest price on their Salford Red Devils Season Ticket and we encourage fans to purchase in this time to save money. The ‘early bird’ window will close at midnight on 31st October.
How does my Season Ticket work on Direct Debit?
You can purchase your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket on Direct Debit by purchasing at the Club Ticket Office or over the phone on 0161 786 1570. Our Direct Debit payment scheme means you’ll pay a small amount of your 2019 Season Ticket each month.
What are the Direct Debit options? 
Of course, the Direct Debit payment sizes will differ dependant on which 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket you purchase. They will also differ on when you purchase your Season Ticket. The earlier you purchase the more months you have in which to pay for your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket making each payment less costly. If you purchase within the first month of sales you will pay your Direct Debit over ten months. The payments will leave your bank account with the first possible payment going out on 1st November. The Direct Debit option is not available with online purchases.
How do I save money on my 2019 Season Ticket?
There are a number of ways to save money on your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket. If you purchase inside the ‘early bird’ window you will get the cheapest price for your 2019 Season Ticket as prices will rise following the cut-off date 31st October.
You can also save money by paying for your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket in one payment rather than over a number of payments via Direct Debit.
What does a Family Season Ticket include?
2019 Salford Red Devils Family Season Tickets are the best option for you and your family to never miss a Red Devils fixture. The Family Season Ticket includes tickets for two adults and two children for the price of just two adults. These are available in all three Season Ticket areas of the The Salford Stadium.
What is the difference between the respective options for location of Season Tickets? 
South: The South Stand is situated behind the posts and is a standing only area. The South Stand offers a fantastic atmosphere at every Salford Red Devils fixture.
West: The West Stand is situated along the length of the field, is a seated only area and is the ‘main’ stand at the The Salford Stadium. The West Stand offers a fantastic view of every Salford Red Devils fixture and the comfort of a seat for the duration of the game.
VIP: The 1873 Club is based on Level 2 of the West Stand and adds that little bit extra to your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket. You will have access to a seated area inside pre and post-match, bar access as well as the comfort of a padded seat from which to watch the Red Devils.
I want the same seat as last year; how do I make this happen?
Easy. Purchase your ticket before 24th October and you can retain your seat for the 2019 season. The 24th October marks the cut-off point for seat renewal. We know how much your seat means to you, so make sure you retain your seat with us in 2019.
What time is the The Salford Stadium Ticket Office open?
The The Salford Stadium Ticket Office is open from 9:30am-9:30pm Monday-Friday and 10:00am-4:00pm on weekends. This gives supporters the opportunity to purchase their 2019 Season Ticket after work during the week or while they’re off over the weekend. If you arrive at the The Salford Stadium Ticket Office window and there is no member of staff there, please come into Reception and they will help you.
I can’t make it to the The Salford Stadium. How can I purchase? 
Simple. You can simply call the The Salford Stadium on 0161 786 1570 and purchase your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket over the phone in one payment or via Direct Debit.
Or, you can purchase your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket online via our E-Ticketing page here. This offers a simple way to purchase in one payment. Unfortunately, Direct Debit purchases are not available when you purchase online.
When will I be able to collect my 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket? 
You’ll be able to pick up your 2019 Salford Red Devils Season Ticket in person in the lead-up to the 2019 season. Salford Red Devils will confirm a date from which Season Tickets are available to pick up in due course.
I can’t make every Salford Red Devils game in 2019. Is a Season Ticket still the best value for money?
Of course! Matchday prices are set to rise for the 2019 season which makes your 2019 Season Tickets even better value for money!
Terms and Conditions:

  • Tickets can be purchased as one payment or via Direct Debit ten months.
  • All free U11 Season Tickets must be purchased with at least one adult Season Ticket.
  • To qualify for a FREE U11 Season Ticket, the child must be under 11 before 1st February 2019.
  • To quality for senior concessions, the adult must be ages 65 before 1st February 2019.
  • 2019 Season Tickets are valid for all Betfred Super League games.
  • 2019 Season Tickets cannot be used for Ladbrokes Challenge Cup or play-off semi-finals/final.
  • 2019 Season Ticket holders are entitled to 50% off a Magic Weekend ticket.
  • Proof of age must be provided to qualify for all concession/junior tickets.
  • Disabled companion tickets are free of charge but disabled purchasers must show appropriate qualifying medical documentation in order to qualify.
  • Family tickets are priced, as before, at the regular price of two adult tickets and two free U16 tickets.

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