Salford Red Devils are delighted to announce a partnership with Eccles Sixth Form College, part of Salford City College Group, strengthening the ties between sports and education in the local community.

Building on the success of the collaboration between the College and Salford Red Devils Foundation Development Academy, the club’s Elite Academy – currently in the process of seeking full Academy status with the Rugby Football League – will now have its players attend Eccles Sixth Form College from September 2024.

This new partnership reflects the commitment of both organisations to the holistic development of young athletes, combining educational excellence with sports prowess. By providing a platform for aspiring rugby talents to seamlessly integrate their education and athletic ambitions, this relationship aims to shape well-rounded individuals ready to excel both on and off the field.

Chris Irwin, Red Devils Chief Commercial Officer, expressed his delight about the partnership: “This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to create a comprehensive development pathway for young talent. By joining forces with Salford City College Group, we are ensuring that our Elite Academy players receive the best possible support in their academic pursuits, complementing their athletic journey.”

Rebecca Parks, Group Principal at Salford City College Group, shared her own thoughts on the partnership: “Salford City College Group is thrilled to be part of this innovative venture with the Salford Red Devils. Education plays a crucial role in shaping the future, and by working together, we are providing a unique opportunity for these young athletes to excel academically while pursuing their rugby aspirations at Eccles Sixth Form College.”

Mark Moran, Head of Youth at Salford Red Devils, emphasised the significance of education in athlete development: “Our Elite Academy is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of rugby stars. Partnering with Salford City College Group ensures that our players not only receive top-notch rugby training but also access a high-quality education at Eccles Sixth Form College. It’s about creating a pathway for success both on and off the pitch.”

This partnership exemplifies the shared vision of Salford Red Devils and Salford City College Group in fostering talent, promoting education, and contributing to the overall well-being of the community. As we look ahead to the 2024 academic year, we anticipate witnessing the positive impact of this collaboration on the lives of aspiring athletes.

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