Club Statement | Dr Marwan Koukash writes off debt owed to him

Earlier this week, former Salford Red Devils owner – Dr Marwan Koukash – confirmed he has written off all the outstanding debt owed to him. 
Salford Red Devils would like to begin by thanking Dr Marwan Koukash for this fantastic gesture. He has been a huge supporter of the Club, both as a fan and as a financial benefactor, and this is something that the Club is hugely appreciative of.
Since January 2018, the Club has functioned as a community club run by a Community Holding Company and has become more dependent on the generosity of the Salford Red Devils supporters and the wider community.
Season Tickets, regular match tickets, merchandise sales, sponsorship, hospitality and our brand-new initiative Squad Builder are the handful of major current revenue streams for the Club and it is pivotal that the fans and wider community continue to buy into these.
The immediate success of our newly-launched Squad Builder was a clear indictor that we have the foundations on which to build a stable, successful and self-funding Club. We are already well on the way to our target figure, but it is vital that fans sign-up and play a major role in assembling our 2019 playing squad.
In addition, we are still ahead in Season Ticket sales in comparison with the same point last year, which alongside a slight increase in pricing, has generated more revenue for the Club. We have also launched two fantastic kits and a brilliant leisurewear range alongside new partners Kappa and WildThang with early sales looking extremely promising.
We’d like to thank all the fans who have parted with their hard-earned cash via the aforementioned avenues – it really does help, and it really is appreciated.
But we know the work doesn’t simply stop here and we are continuing to work hard behind the scenes in all departments to ensure that this historic Club can prosper in the Betfred Super League.
The Club will be aiming to market more successfully in the coming seasons including reaching out to fans who have lapsed away from the Club in recent years. However, we are fully aware of the need to create new Red Devils which is why you will see the Club become more visible and proactive in the community of Salford.
Salford Red Devils are also aware of the need to take our matchday experience in a new direction which is also something the Club are looking into ahead of the 2019 Betfred Super League season. Our recent Fan Focus Groups and relationship with the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust are helping us with all of the above.
There really hasn’t been a better time in which to be a Salford supporter, re-engage with the Club or begin your affinity with the Red Devils. The fans are now a huge influencing factor in how successful this great Club can be, and we want you on this journey alongside us.
Salford Red Devils are currently in our 145th year of existence. Many chapters have already been written and we are extremely optimistic that 2019 will be the beginning of a new chapter.
A chapter which sees the Club embedded in the community. A chapter which sees the fans become an essential part of the Club. A chapter in which we are #TogetherStronger.

Andrew Rosler – “Do all we can to make this Club the hub of the community”

Following the successful takeover yesterday new Salford Red Devils Director Andrew Rosler spoke to BBC Radio Manchester this morning.
Rosler alongside three other Directors took control of the Club yesterday from Dr Marwan Koukash and the new Director admits its been a busy period for himself and the new Board.
Rosler, speaking to BBC Radio Manchester, said: “It’s been a bit of a sleepless night as it has been for the last two or three months but probably a mixture of excitement and anxiety rolled into one as you can probably imagine.”
The Owner of Ideal Corporate Solutions Limited went on to talk about the Club returning to the community, the The Salford Stadium and the Salford RLFC Supporters’ Trust as well as also thanking Dr Marwan Koukash for his time as Owner of Salford Red Devils.
Rosler said: “I think what we’ve got now it’s a challenge not just for our Club but for the sport in general we’ve probably lost a lot of the community feeling towards the Club certainly since we left The Willows a few years ago.
“But this is now a community Club and I think any Salford fan with a glimmer of interest in the Club in fact anybody that lives, works, studies, plays in the City, listens to Joy Division we want to do all we can to make this Club the hub of the community and I think that will make a big difference.
“Every time you go nearly every day of the week the car park is full so it is generating revenues for the Stadium and the challenge is for us is to see whether we can get together a group to potentially launch a bid to take ownership of the Stadium.
“This is from the heart I’ve been a Season Ticket holder since any of the first team players were born I’ve been a fan since I was four or eight and I’ll be a fan forever.
“We have got a good business plan and we do want to engage significantly with the supporters there is a Salford RLFC independent Supporters’ Trust which we’d encourage all our fans to join.
“They will be the official voice of the fans there will be direct access to the Board and any affective change, complaints, ideas we will be looking to take those on board so it is all of our responsibility now to this Club finally a success.
“I’d like to place on record on behalf of all Salford fans our thanks to Marwan for coming in when he did four or five years ago and whilst he’ll have no active part in the running of the Club he and his family will continue to support the Club in any way they can so obviously we’ll be delighted to take advantage of that as and when.”
Full Interview can be heard here.

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