Salford Red Devils have surpassed a total of £100,000 in their community share offer campaign, ‘Reds Rise Together’. The campaign will see the Red Devils become the Betfred Super League’s first wholly community-owned club. 

Paul King, Managing Director of Salford Red Devils has said;  

 “It is a positive sign to be starting Week Two of the campaign with £100,000 already raised.” 

“We are seeing support from all over. We have seen investment from our supporters, those that have not engaged with us in a while, members of our immediate community in and around Salford, as well as from the wider world.” 

“What is so important here is that we regain the momentum that we saw earlier on in Week One and we push on towards our initial target sooner than later. The amount of positive work we can do within the club and community do if we reach towards our upper targets is exciting to say the least.” 

“To those who have got involved already – thank you for supporting our club and for helping make history. To those who haven’t yet, we hope you join us. Let’s write another chapter here together.” 

What is the campaign? 

‘Reds Rise Together’ is a community share offer which allows an individual to purchase a share in the club’s holding company – now a Community Benefit Society (CBS) – entitling them to a vote and eligibility to stand for election to the CBS board. Along with a host of other benefits, the overriding benefit is a collective one, meaning that together, we can take better control over the future of our club and continue to add meaningful value to our communities.  

Why are we doing it?  

In the first instance, we are doing this to become the northern hemisphere’s first elite rugby league club that is truly community-owned and one that gives every member a voice – making history in the process. There are also further key reasons: 

Maintain as competitive a playing squad as possible that competes at the highest level. 

To unite our growing community behind a common-cause. 

Fulfil IMG criteria ensuring Category A status within the top-flight of Super League through high level Commercial and Marketing growth. 

How can you get involved? 

It’s simple: buy a share and/or share the message far and wide! 

To get involved or for further information, please view, or to contribute directly, visit 

Let’s make history. Together. #RedsRiseTogether 

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