We are thrilled to link-up with Australian-based brand, Catch Pro to aid our Women’s team in their Betfred Super League 2 adventures.

After more than two decades of playing and coaching Rugby, Rugby League and Oztag at a Local, State and National level, Steven Van Gemert and Stephen Butler invented the Catch-Pro band.

Catch-Pro Bands are a training aid to assist and prepare players to achieve an early catch and get it right when it matters most.

The Catch-Pro band helps develop the fundamental skills of a quality catch and pass and with these fundamental skills they can go a long way in rugby league.

Our Women’s team were kindly sent some bands by the team and have been using them in recent training sessions.

So, how did they fare using the bands for the first time? Watch the video below to find out!

Hayden Knowles, who has worked with multiple world champions, elite athletes and coaches across multiple sports, has been heavily involved in the partnership.

He said: “With the standard of the women’s game in the UK and Australia going from strength to strength, players are becoming stronger and faster; they are all becoming better athletes.

“Valuing fundamental skill development and being able to execute these fundamentals skills such as a quality catch and pass under pressure is key.and often the difference between teams.

“These skills are mastered through repetition and correct techniques and it’s the quality of these fundamental skills that can take you a long way in Rugby League!”

To find out more about Catch Pro, head to their website by clicking HERE!

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