Stuart Littler – “They’re a big strong outfit”

Stuart Littler – “They’re a big strong outfit”

by | Jan 14, 2018

Following their 50-12 defeat at the hands of Salford former Red Devil and current Swinton Lions Head Coach was proud of his sides performance and feels his side now have something to build on.
Littler said: “We got through it and it gives us a good opportunity obviously to run against a competitive opposition and now we’ve got some footage to show our lads what we’re doing well and what we can work on over the next few weeks.
“We needed it and obviously we’ve got some stuff to work on they’re a big strong outfit and full respect to the way they play we were a bit low on troops in the second half we were bouncing a few people about here, there and everywhere but credit to our lads they didn’t give up.
“We faced a little bit of adversity today with the numbers we had we were already light on middles but we’ll have a couple back next week who weren’t ready for this week it’s only pre-season our battles the season and I’ve got to get people right for the first game of the season at Toulouse.”
Despite the scoreline Littler knows the difference between full-time and part-time is a difficult one to overcome but feels the game against Salford is crucial for his side to learn from.
Littler said: “We are where we are we’re building slowly and played a full-time outfit there and we’ve got some lads who’ve stepped up from amateur and academies and played for us today.
“Like I said to the boys some lads have impressed and some have got a bit to work on but it gives us chance to show them footage through the week rather than just training against ourselves.
“It was a challenge today they’re 27 big strong athletes who are built well.”

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