by | Jan 17, 2023

Salford Red Devils has pledged to reduce its plastic use – following the awareness campaign around plastic waste during Plastic Free July.

The team was inspired to take a look at their collective plastic consumption by the efforts of official club sponsor, Kingsland Drinks, local Salford-based wine merchant, which has recently partnered with The Hidden Sea – a leading ethical wine brand that removes 10 plastic bottles from the ocean for every bottle of wine sold.

The average adult in the UK uses around 175 plastic bottles every year – and is the second largest producer of plastic waste on the planet, beaten only by the United States. With 60% of the UK’s plastic waste is shipped off to developing countries the plastic pollution problem is growing and action needs to be taken.

Salford Red Devils hooker Andy Ackers said: “We all need to be more aware of what happens to our plastic waste. There are many great organisations like ReSea and The Hidden Sea Wine who are working together to remove plastic waste from the ocean. We can all do our bit by reducing the amount of plastic we use.”

ReSea Project is the second organisation in the world to be certified to remove plastic from the ocean and rivers. It’s clean-up process ensures the highest level of traceability, meaning that the reclaimed plastic from oceans and rivers can be traced all the way back to the location where it was recovered.

Salford Red Devils winger Rhys Williams said: “No matter how small the change is in your plastic consumption – it will make a difference. Swapping a plastic coffee cup for a reusable cup will mean that your annual plastic usage will drop significantly.”

The Hidden Sea Wine, backed by UK retailers Sainsbury’s and the Co-op, took over 63,000 plastic bottles out of the ocean this Plastic Free July as it doubles down on its goal to remove 1 billion by 2030. Consumer pledged to reduce plastic waste via The Hidden Sea website as the wine brand continues its mission restore the ocean. To date, the company has removed over 4 million plastic bottles from the ocean.

Justin Moran, co-founder of The Hidden Sea said; “It’s really great to get the support of the Red Devils – it’s so easy for fans and supporters to follow in their footsteps to make a change to how they use plastic. Whether it’s swapping plastic egg cartons for cardboard ones, taking reusable shopping bags to the supermarket rather than buying more plastic to take plastic home… simple actions can help combat this huge global crisis.”

Justin’s Top Tips for reducing plastic consumption are –


  • Stop using single use plastics altogether! Demand your retailers change. So obviously bring your own bags. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables which are loose in supermarkets, rather than pre-packed in plastic wrappers. Fruit and vegetables come with natural wrapping already.
  • Seek out alternative (reuse) delivery models for everyday household products. Soaps, laundry detergent, shampoos etc. Companies similar to
  • Don’t buy water in plastic bottles! Remember bottled water companies don’t produce water, they produce plastic bottles.
  • Do not support take out restaurants that serve food in single use plastic. Eat in or bring your own containers.
  • Buy eggs in cardboard boxes, rather than plastic boxes.

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