by | Feb 17, 2024

Paul Rowley has provided his reaction to our Round 1 defeat at AMT Headingley Stadium.

On a breathless evening of Betfred Super League action, Sam Lisone’s late try under the sticks was enough for Leeds Rhinos to claim the first two points of the season.

Before that, however, Cade Cust and Oliver Partington were on target to hand us a first-half lead. Throw in some expert kicking from Marc Sneyd and the Red Devils were starting to disrupt the Rhinos’ opening day party.

Speaking post-match to the media, our Head Coach has offered his reflection on a tight contest, highlighting a key character trait of his side.

“We were resilient last year as well, it’s been a trait of the club, so it’s something that we’re proud of,” he began.

“I think if we improved on the areas looking back on stats from last year; like field position, territory and possession, couple that with resilience, then we become a very dangerous side, because we’re pretty potent statistically when we’re in their quarter.

“That’s a given, it’s a non-negotiable, but nevertheless, to display that sort of character trait is very admirable and I’m very proud of the lads actually.”

On the game itself, Rowley believes it was played in a good spirit, with fatigue from a set of three consecutive penalties costing his side in the last 10 minutes.

“I don’t think there was much in the game, to be honest – I just think it was a good game.

“I don’t think we were hanging in the game at all. I thought for large parts of the game we were comfortable and controlling the game. I think our players felt very confident and like I said I just felt like it was a good quality game.

He continued: “Leeds scored out of yardage on a shift play, right to left when we were a man down.

“It wasn’t a matter of death by a thousand cuts getting us in territory. At the end it was, when they kept turning the ball back inside and what should of been comfortable to defend, fatigue got us,

“But I think that was after a series of three penalties, and throw Amir Bourouh in the bin – that’s when it got us, but I don’t think there was much in the game.”

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