by | Apr 27, 2020

Salford Red Devils and Salford Red Devils Foundation are encouraging supporters to get involved with the 2.6 Challenge, in support of rugby league charities.
Charities including Rugby League Cares, the RL Benevolent Fund, the Steve Prescott Foundation and of course Salford Red Devils Foundation itself, are adapting to ensure they continue to support people across our communities, as the world comes to terms with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
In addition to their continued effort to keep the community active, Salford Red Devils Foundation have also joined forces with other organisations to assist in the delivery of important services, which ease the struggles faced by our community’s most vulnerable people at this difficult time.
The global health crisis is having a profound effect on the UK’s charity sector, many of which have had to cancel all their summer fundraising events. This is true across rugby league’s charities.
To counter the impact of the lockdown, at a time when so much would have been raised around the scheduled London Marathon date, the 2.6 Challenge is asking the whole nation to be Home Heroes and replace these much-needed funds – and save UK charities.
Everyone can get involved – kids, parents, friends, families, work colleagues – and it’s an opportunity for the Rugby League community to fundraise for rugby league charities.
You can do any challenge around the magic Marathon number of 26 to raise money – run or walk 2.6k (or miles!); 26 press-ups; maybe even two blocks of 13, to give it a special RL twist.

If you are stuck for ideas, or one challenge is just not enough, then take on the Rugby League Cares Egg Chasing Challenge. 

Here are the instructions:
1 – Take a raw egg (in its shell!)
2 – Two people stand back to back, one takes one step forward and the other steps forward 1.5 paces to maintain a socially distant 2m
3 – The two players must make two sets of six catches with the egg – the first set by throwing and catching with their right hands, the second set with their left
4 – Between each set of six, the players do a press up
5 – Once completed, nominate five other people to take part in the challenge
6  – Make a donation of £5.20 – £2.60 each – to Rugby League Cares via the 2.6 Challenge Justgiving page
7 – Post a screengrab of your donation on social media to show your support for Rugby League charities.

More information on the 2.6 Challenge campaign can be found here, as well as details of how you can get involved with raising money for Rugby League charities yourself.

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