Andrew Rosler | Red Devils Readying For Second Phase Of Transition

Andrew Rosler | Red Devils Readying For Second Phase Of Transition

by | Jun 30, 2018

We caught up with director Andy Rosler to get a forthright and frank update on the current situation at the Salford Red Devils. Our 2018 Season Ticket holders will have exclusively received this update via E-Mail yesterday.
“As we move towards the end of the regular Betfred Super League season it had now been some six months since the transfer of ownership from Marwan Koukash to the newly formed Holding Company on the eve of the current campaign.
“There is no doubting that it has been a tough few months but this was always going to be the case.
“The lack of a benefactor and transition to community club meant a challenging period financially and the club is still bearing the brunt of this, but the most important and prudent need is stability and financial sustainability – positioning us for future growth and investment.
“This is why unfortunately the club earlier on in the season wasn’t in a position to simply reinvest the proceeds from the sales of players, and the club hasn’t been able to make the same signings as other clubs do with significant benefactors supporting the purchase of players.
“That said, as a Club, we believe that our current squad and coach have the ambition and belief that they can remain in the Super League and we are doing everything thing we can to also help strengthen the squad for this season and next.
“To support the strengthening of the squad we are currently looking at multiple fund raising options and have retained Sedulo, a highly ambitious Manchester Chartered Accountancy practice, to assist the Club with these processes. In the interim, we have been encouraged by the initiative being shown by various supporter groups who are running their own fund raising schemes.
“We are also looking at expanding and strengthening the Clubs operational board and have announcements soon across various disciplines, including business development, but we welcome any genuine interest from individuals who wish to become involved.
“The Club will be expanding Holding Company membership and require committed and resourceful individuals to steer the Club through the transitional period and onto a new period of sustainability and growth.
“We are also working with Foundation closer regarding apprenticeships and focusing  on opportuntities for the young people of our community.
“Supporters of other Clubs may point out incessantly that we have a smaller fan base than most, but they cannot doubt our loyalty and passion on the terraces which is always superb. Many people may think club doesn’t deserve to be in Super League but I do
“It remains crucial that we stick together as one community club and support each other. We cannot allow ourselves to become disillusioned with the situation. We are only three points off the top eight, which given this is our transitional season shows great promise for the future.
“However, we really cannot complete this journey without the fans turning up and cheering the lads on to a fully deserved position in Super League next season. Ahead of the next few fixtures all in the Club urge the fans to encourage others to attend because even if each fan brought just one person who doesn’t normally come to the game it significantly helps.
“The more supporters our existing fans can bring along will increase revenue to bring in quality players going forward. If the community wants to see a top quality team in the next few years they have to back what they are doing by coming along now, we need the help of our supporter’s now to get to this stage going forward.
“It is our aim to once more be the pride of Salford, as we have been in the past, with the whole city urging us on to success.
“Please remember we have mini season tickets on sale for the remainder of the campaign and every pound earned is doubled due to Marwan’s kind offer to match the amount.”

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