Become an Owner

Become an Owner

Salford Red Devils are 1 of 12 elite rugby league clubs in the northern hemisphere, celebrating our 150th year at the centre of our community, and on the cusp of something really special.

We know that sports clubs are really owned by their community of fans who care about them, but now we’re linking up that moral ownership with real, tangible, legal ownership.



You get:

One Share, One Vote
Share Certificate (Available to download)
Eligibility to stand for election
Bi-weekly exclusive owners newsletter
Exclusive owner pin badge
Special match event ticket priority



You get:

One Share, One Vote
Physical Share Certificate
Eligibility to stand for election
All ‘Owner’ benefits


Access to exclusive club partner offers
Exclusive Owner+ Open Days
One-Year RDTV Subscription


Founder’s Club

You get:

One Share, One Vote
Physical Share Certificate
Eligibility to stand for election
All ‘Owner+’ benefits


Founder’s Welcome Pack
Invite to Founders & Playing Squad 2024 Team Photo
Exclusive Founders Events
Discount on function room hire at the Salford Stadium
Special priority draws on ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences


President’s Club

You get:

One Share, One Vote
Physical Share Certificate
Eligibility to stand for election
All ‘Founder’s Club’ benefits


As a prospective member of the President’s Club, we would like to tailor your package appropriately to your contribution. Please contact us by clicking the button below, and we will be in touch to discuss.

The overriding benefit is a collective one, that together we can take better control of the future of our club and continue to add value to our communities.

Make History

Together, we’re a world first.

When you buy your share, you will be making Salford Red Devils the first elite Rugby League club in the world to become community-owned through a community benefit society.

We want to be a progressive, sustainable Elite Super League club, which consistently achieves success on the field, engages our community and inspires the next generation through inclusive role models and opportunities for all. With your help, we can achieve this, and be the only genuinely community-owned club in the Super League, where instead of being bankrolled by millionaires, we’re backed by multitudes from Salford, Greater Manchester, and those much further afield.

Have your say

One share, one vote.

All shareholders are entitled to one vote.

Every shareholder, regardless of whether they invest £100 or £100,000 gets to cast their vote at our Annual General Meeting and in elections for the Board, because we know that everyone who loves the club is united in their passion for it. Every voice will be heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the Salford Red Devils Community Share Offer, get in touch with us via

Why are we doing this?

In the first instance, we are doing this to make history and become the worlds first elite rugby league club that is truly community-owned, and one that gives every member a voice. There are also further key reasons:

  • Maintain as competitive a playing squad as possible that compete at the highest level.
  • To unite our growing community behind a common-cause.
  • Fulfil IMG criteria ensuring Category A status within the top-flight of Super League through high level Commercial and Marketing growth.
How do I get involved?

We are running this share offer through the Crowdfunder website. When you click to invest, you will make a payment which Crowdfunder will hold until the project is successful and they will then pass the money to us.

How many shares can I buy?


Our chosen offer is ‘one share, one vote.’ This is to protect the club and ensure that it stands alone from the single benefactor model. You can also buy a share for a friend or a family member by purchasing on their behalf and entering their details.

Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 16 can invest* (but only people aged 18 or above can serve as directors,). Companies, organisations and other incorporated bodies can also invest, but need to let us know the named individual who will be representing them at meetings of the society and to who we will send notices, agendas and such like.

*Note, purchases for those under 18 years old must be completed by a parent/guardian.

Who will run the club?

All members are able to vote to appoint nominees to the Board of the Community Benefit Society (Salford RD Holdings Ltd). Day-to-day, the club is to be run by its appointed Directors & Employees.

All of the current Directors of the Holding Company will resign at the first AGM of the society, due to be held by the end of June 2024 to enable a new board to be elected with the confidence and legitimacy of being democratically elected by all our members. Existing Directors can stand for re-election, as can any member who can be nominated.

What is a CBS?

Salford RD Holdings Limited is the holding company of Salford City Reds (2013) Ltd and is a Community Benefit Society (CBS) which converted from a company to a society on 19th December 2022 under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act with the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 8978). The registered address is The Salford Stadium, 1 Stadium Way, Eccles, M30 7EY.

By subscribing for shares issued by the society in this share offer you will become a Member of it and an owner of the society and its assets along with other Members. Our rules and other supporting documents are available on our website.

Do I need to be a member of the CBS to buy a share?

Yes. To complete your subscription for Community Shares you do need to be a member of the Community Benefit Society. Membership for the CBS is £1 annually. For this £1, you will receive an Ordinary Share.

Your first payment is included in your initial share payment, with £1 of the total being allocated to your CBS membership. You may receive a form following your share purchase to complete your membership with the CBS.

Your share payment is not an annual fee, however, should you wish to increase your amount invested, or upgrade to another tier, you can do so by contacting the club at

Can I view the full prospectus?

Yes. The full prospectus can be viewed here.

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