Management Changes Moving the Reds Forward

Management Changes Moving the Reds Forward

by | Mar 1, 2018

Salford Red Devils can confirm change of management within the Club under the new ownership structure.
There is a huge need within the community for the Club to play an integral role in bringing young players all the way through to the first team.  The Club therefore has a pressing need for a senior role to concentrate solely on rugby performance and the management of a strategy that enables young players to progress through the ranks, innovative recruitment policies and the management of all playing operations.
The Club can therefore announce that Ian Blease will take up the role of Director of Rugby & Operations reporting directly to the new board. Former Club Captain and Salford born Ian Blease said: “We have been discussing for some time how the club can maximise the new set up and I’m honoured and excited to be taking this new role, leading our Rugby recruitment and strategy going forward.
“We will be on the search for talent to wear the Salford shirt with pride and I will soon be sitting down with Coach Watson and his assistants to look at how we can retain, strengthen and recruit for next season. I will also be focusing our attention on sports in general in and around Salford, looking for the next elite athletes.
“We will also look to introduce some sports and hopefully teams into the club that we haven’t tried before, working closely with our Community Foundation. This will obviously take some time to plan and strategise, but why not, ambitions never did anyone any harm. We will also need to align ourselves with Super League, the RFL and the sport in general to be prepared for change as it goes through some potential transitional changes”.
The need to increase commercial revenue and sponsorship remain, along with the need for tight control on the financial management of the club. Newly appointed Ian Laithwaite will take on the role of Managing Director and will focus on all things financial and commercial.
The new MD states: “Salford Red Devils is a club steeped in history and there are exciting times ahead. I have worked in sport for some time but never have I had such a wealth of businesses within such a small catchment area.
“Companies within Salford and Manchester that are interested in a commercial partnership need to get in touch and get involved. This is a great club which relies on its community to enable success”.
Anyone wishing to get involved should email the new MD at

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