Jack Littlejohn | “I love winning footy games”

Jack Littlejohn | “I love winning footy games”

by | Feb 26, 2018

Following Friday evening’s dominant victory over Hull Kingston Rovers, Australian half-back Jack Littlejohn was pleased with the result after settling in well at Salford.
Littlejohn, who is available for sponsorship, said: “I’m loving it here especially after a win, I love winning and I love winning footy games.
“I think we were scratchy in some parts of the game but I thought once we settled massive credit to our middles they worked hard and I reckon they deserve all the credit.
“That was a bit of our game plan. Our middles matched their middles and I thought we did a good job of that.
“There tries were from fluky little kicks too – I thought our defensive line was really strong.”
Littlejohn occupied the half-back position alongside Robert Lui while Gareth O’Brien was at full-back and the three linked up very well.
Littlejohn said: “We’re building a good combination – our talks definitely a lot clearer out there.
“Gareth O’Brien’s been really good for me out the back I feel like he’s talking to me a lot and us three are working in a real good combination at the moment.”

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