by | Apr 19, 2024

Krisnan Inu has admitted the week away from action has been handy for the playing squad, but says they were straight back to work upon their return.

With an early elimination from the Betfred Challenge Cup last month, quarter-final weekend has allowed Paul Rowley’s side the chance to rest and recuperate ahead of another crucial run of fixtures.

“You’d prefer to be playing in them games, but the upside to it mentally for yourself, for your family and to help you prepare for Super League – it’s something the boys needed,” Assistant Coach, Krisnan Inu told the press earlier this week.

Discussing what the last fortnight has looked like, he continued: “We balanced it. We gave our boys three days off, but they knew what they were preparing themselves for.

“A three days mental break to come straight back into work; not ease back into it, straight back on the tools.

“I think most of the boys spent time with their families and sort of enjoyed that transition to relaxing, and some have kids that had school holidays, that sort of stuff, so it worked out for them.”

Amidst our break from action, it was revealed Paul Rowley and star halfback, Marc Sneyd have been awarded March’s Coach and Player of the Month, respectively.

Giving his reaction to the news, Inu said: “I think it’s a fair effort to those two – they work hard every day.

“Especially working with Rowls and being in the same office as him every day, to see his work get recognised, and be awarded that Coach of the Month is kudos to him.

“On Sneydy, I don’t think anyone in Super League would argue he doesn’t deserve that award, so that goes towards all the hard work he did in pre-season, and continues to do every day here.”

Click below to watch Krisnan’s press conference in full.

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