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Krisnan Inu believes our home supporters make a massive difference to the teams’ performance.

Our Assistant Coach has been speaking to the press on a range of different topics, ahead of our Rivals Round clash with Leigh Leopards on Saturday.

Despite suffering elimination from the Betfred Challenge Cup last time out, the Red Devils’ early Super League form has been impressive, winning three of our first five outings.

Head Coach, Paul Rowley and his staff have also welcomed back a few key players to the fold in the last seven days or so – including Ollie Partington and Joe Mellor.

“It’s good to have them boys back,” Inu told reporters.

“They’re footy heads, they’re rugby league players, and they’re good for the team being in and around the mix come game time.

“They’re the players you want to play with and be alongside on the pitch, so it’s good to have them back, and good to have the headache of who we’re going to pick each match.”

The Leopards are Salford’s next task, with the current Challenge Cup holders full of confidence after back-to-back victories in all competitions.

Previewing the clash, Inu said: “They’re a good team, good club. They were successful last year and it showed in the trophy they won.

“There’s a lot of boys that have played there and staff that have coached there. It’s Rivals Round for a reason, it’s a big game for us, big game for them, for the two towns and no doubt you’ll be seeing fireworks.”

On Rivals Round in particular, Inu has described why our home support can make all the difference and revealed his experiences of that during his time here as a player.

“I think whatever team you play for you say your fans are the best.

“For us, I have no doubt our fans are the best. To have their support is awesome and to see them before every game, they build us up and give us a bit of a kick before the game starts.

“To have the boys run out for warm-up and run out to their welcome, and their cheers, and their enthusiasm, I know as a past player I have no doubt it has an effect on them, and how they play.”

To watch Krisnan’s full pre-match thoughts, click here to head to our YouTube channel.

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