Ian Watson | “We will be making changes”

Ian Watson | “We will be making changes”

by | Apr 8, 2019

Head coach Ian Watson gave his thoughts on Salford’s home loss against Hull FC on Sunday.

On the overall performance… 

We’re not starting games well enough in the first half and once good teams get a good start of us, they don’t let up.
We’re lacking experience in certain areas at this moment in time, we need to have that composure and control. When we have our backs against the wall we need to look at how we react in adversities and that’s what the people like Lee Mossop and Ken Sio are good at.
We’re making little individual errors at the moment which are really costing us big time. They’re a committed group and they work really hard as a group.
We’ve had four big teams that we’ve come up against and we feel we should have won the majority of those games and it’s our own downfall.
We’re not building enough pressure on the opposition goal line and it’s coming back to bite us.

On upcoming games…

After that performance, there’ll need to be changes. We need to re-shape; not in the way we play, but in some of the individual mentalities.
Junior will come back. Tyrone McCarthy came back into the squad this week so we are getting more experience back there. Lee Mossop’s not too far away so we’ll see that day by day and Greg Johnson’s getting closer as well.
We have got people to come back but the guys who are playing should be taking their opportunities and not leaving it for me to make the choice.
At the moment I feel like I have to make the choice now and that’s the problem. We have said the same thing over the last four weeks. We are not saying the same things again next week. We will be making changes.

On the Challenge Cup…

It’ll give us a chance to look at something different but there’ll be no going easy. Everyone will be expected to put their arm up in training and be ready to play.
It’s about taking the opportunity now because some people have the opportunity now and the doors just been opened over the last four weeks.

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