Ian Watson | “We got what we deserved in the second half”

Ian Watson | “We got what we deserved in the second half”

by | Mar 5, 2018

Salford Red Devils Head Coach Ian Watson feels his side ‘got what they deserved in the second half’ following a 34-2 defeat to Betfred Super League leaders St Helens.
Watson said: “I thought we got what we deserved in the second half.
“First half we were really good. The difference between the teams for the first sixty minutes was the discipline and Ben Barba to be fair his quality kind of shone.
“The way he came up with his tries the one of the offload from [Alex] Walmsley and the one where he beat [Craig Kopczak] Koppy on his inside shoulder I just thought that was kind of the difference along with our discipline.
“We defended really well in large parts but then we gave penalties away on tackle four and five so not only are we ending up defending one set but two sets to every set that we had.
“If you keep doing that then your defence is fatigued and that’s what you saw in that second half.
“I think first set they completed, we completed ours and on the next one we gave a penalty away on tackle four and then they got a repeat set from a poor error not letting the ball bounce dead and they scored on the back of that.
“We got what we deserved because we weren’t resilient enough as a team to get the result but I think Ben Barba was the one who stood out along with our discipline.
“We were talking [post-match] about having that resilience about us when things aren’t going our way we can’t just shut up shop and put our heads down.
“We’ve got to fight for what we want to get out of the game and out of the season really and I thought we just kind of lacked that a little bit but discipline was the issue today.”

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