Gold Line Draw | Week 24

Gold Line Draw | Week 24

by | Sep 11, 2018

Another five £500 winners were crowned in Week 24 of the Gold Line Draw, are you one of the lucky winners?
Week 24’s £500 winners are:
Mrs B Dutton.
James Barrett.
Jeff Myrtle.
W McLaughlin.
David Barlow.
However, the Rollover Draw ticks along for another week with next week’s winnings standing at a staggering £2500!
Clair Jones won the meal voucher at either The Old Nags Head or Rojos Diablos. Mrs B Guy won the tickets for Vue Cinema at The Lowry Venue. Rosina Ainsworth was the winner of the meal voucher at Walkabout at The Printworks, Manchester. Finally, Elizabeth Ryan won the meal token at Castle in the Air – JD Wetherspoon at Beyond Manchester.
There were also 40 winners of the £10 consolation prizes.
Congratulations to all the winners.
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Here are the full result sheets from Week 24:

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