by | Apr 3, 2020

Salford Red Devils are delighted to launch a temporary unique draw for Salford Red Devils lottery members only.
This follows the temporary suspension of the Goldline Draw. Existing lottery members will be entered into the draw, with effect from this week from their current subscriptions. All draw numbers will remain the same.
New members are advised to please join via our Direct Debit sign up (first payment due 1st May 2020).
Direct debit options
1 – £4.34 per month HERE
2 – £8.68 per month HERE
1 – £13 per quarter HERE
2 – £26 per quarter HERE
To match the chances of our players being selected in Ian Watson’s starting lineup on gamedays, there will be 13 prizes to win each week. This means there is even more chance of your number being drawn, however due to level of membership, the total prize fund will be more limited than the Goldline Draw.
Prize details: 
Weekly Jackpot £250
Additional 2 x £25
Additional 10 x £10 prizes
Total of £400 guaranteed to be won each week
For all Direct Debit members, prizes will be paid directly into their registered bank account. For all other prizes, cheques will be issued as soon as possible.
Salford Red Devils director of rugby and operations Ian Blease said: “The club has been inundated by our fans, who want to support us through these difficult times.
“We’re extremely thankful to our draw partners at BWDA, who administer the Goldline Draw, to allow us to do this while they’re closed and confirm that as soon as the Goldline Draw recommences that all members will be re-entered into that draw and the temporary ‘Devils Draw’ will cease.
“I would like to say a huge thank you to all current fans who are committed lottery members. It is much appreciated by everyone at the club and I  would ask supporters who can, to join this unique draw and help support the club during these difficult and unprecedented times for whatever amount they can afford, again thank you.”
Lotteries manager Colin Wild said: “We’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the BWDA over the last week to bring this solution and the fans have been immense.
“I cannot thank them enough for their support online and via email, it has been unwavering and given all the lotteries staff a massive boost and the determination to get through this.”
Further details on how to join the draw ready to start on 1st May can be found HERE.
Contact for more information, or to subscribe to get the weekly results direct to your email inbox.
Red Devils fans can also show their support during the suspended season by becoming as squad builder, or signing up to the club’s video subscription service RDTV. Further details on the benefits of becoming a squad builder can be found HERE.

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