Chris Chester | “Salford deserved something from that game”

Chris Chester | “Salford deserved something from that game”

by | Feb 10, 2018

Following their victory over Salford, Wakefield Head Coach Chris Chester admitted that a draw would have been a fair result as The Red Devils deserved something from the game.
Chester said: “I was really pleased with the first forty minutes but disappointed with the second forty.
“I thought Salford deserved something from that game tonight.
“I thought they were very good in that second half and they’re going to be there or there abouts this year no doubt about that if they keep their main players fit and healthy.
“I saw the bench they put out they were a very big bench tonight I knew we could be under a little bit of trouble only carrying two front-rowers.
“But listen maybe it’s the sign of a good side that we’re not playing particularly well but grinding results out and we’ve ground another one out.
“We need to be a little bit smarter once we went six points in front maybe slowing the game down a little bit kicking the ball into touch.”

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