Capricorn Security And Fans Launch Squad Builder Fundraiser

Capricorn Security And Fans Launch Squad Builder Fundraiser

by | Jul 23, 2018

The Red Devils are delighted with the news that partner Capricorn Security and our loyal band supporters have banded together to launch a squad-building fundraiser for the Club.
It is a fantastic gesture and one we hope our fans can get behind.
Below is the message from Capricorn.
Salford Red Devils lies at the heart of the community in this fantastic city, its continued success at the highest level of Rugby League creates a great deal of local pride whilst also promoting the City of Salford in a positive light on a global platform.
As part of their commitment to the local community Capricorn Security have decided to launch a Squad Builder Fund to support the Salford Red Devils goal of retaining their Super league status.
Capricorn Security are therefore delighted to launch this page in conjunction with the clubs’ loyal Supporters Trust and ask for your contributions to assist in the potential procurement of players, as we approach the all-important middle 8 section of the season.
Paul King, Director of Capricorn Security said ‘Capricorn’s roots are based in Salford, we are huge fans of the city, the people and the club so we are delighted to have the opportunity to kick off this squad builder with the opening donation.
“We are asking the Club’s fantastic supporters to rally around and contribute as much as they can before transfer deadline on Friday.
You can donate to the squad builder online by visiting this link
For donations by cheque or cash please do so via the Supporters Trust website.

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